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Our in-house laboratory offers rapid problem assessment, including blood chemistry profiles to monitor internal organ functions, complete blood cell counts, and blood tests for canine heartworm disease, lyme disease, anaplasmosis, ehrliciosis, and feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus. Blood samples are obtained using the absolute minimal restraint required to avoid unnecessary stress for you and your pet.

Microscopic exams are offered within our facility to test for intestinal parasites, external parasites, urinalysis and diagnosing types of skin and ear infections.

For histopathology, cultures, stone analysis, and further blood tests, we utilize external veterinary laboratories.

Our in house laboratory equipment includes the IDEXX VetLab® Station, Idexx Catalyst Dx® Chemistry Analyzer, and the IDEXX ProCyte Dx® Hematology Analyzer. We also use the SNAP Pro™ Mobile Device tests for in-house screenings of vector-borne diseases, retroviruses, along with cardiac and pancreatic biomarkers.