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Surgery, Dentistry, and Anesthesia

Our surgical procedures utilize the lowest risk anesthetics along with close monitoring of your pet using specialized equipment. Following surgery, each pet is monitored to assure its safety, warmth, comfort level, and pain management.

Routine surgeries performed include spay and neuter procedures, tumor removals, dental cleaning and extractions, declawing, bladder and urinary stone removal, and additional soft tissue surgeries. Some orthopedic and more complex soft tissue surgeries are performed along with emergency procedures.

Surgivet Monitor

TheSurgiVet®Advisor® Vital Signs Monitor parameters include ECG, digital pulse oximetry, heart rate, and non-invasive blood pressure. We use our SurgiVet®
Advisor® Vital Signs Monitor on all of our surgeries to ensure the best quailty of care. 


Before and after dental pictures.

Wet Table

Our wet table where we perform dental cleanings, wound repairs and many other procedures.