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Thori came to live at the AHCC in 2014. She was a very tiny, sick kitten at the time but most certainly has grown into a very healthy happy cat. She spends her days playing with her toys , eating treats and visting the hospitalized or boarding pets. 



Everyone meet Gigi. Some of you may have seen her throughout the hospital over the last year. Gigi originally came to the AHCC in early 2013 and was adopted out later on that same year. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Gigi came back to live with us in August 2016. Gigi will be celebrating her 14th birthday this Valentine’s Day. Once weighing in at 21lbs, Gigi has been on a weight loss plan since returning. She is pretty much at her goal weight currently! Gigi takes multiple walks throughout the hospital daily which eventually leads her to her heated bed where she naps frequently. We monitor Gigi’s food and treat in-take and manage her arthritis with daily medications. Over the last year and half, Gigi really has become a part of the AHCC family